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The School of Foreign Languages
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The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) consists of Department of English, Department of Russian and Japanese, Department of Business English, Department of Translation (Center for Masters of Translation and Interpreting), Division of College English, Unit of English for Graduate Students, Center of Language Services, Center of Language Training and Testing, and the Research Center for Languages and Applied Linguistics. 

There are three undergraduate programs and four graduate programs, offering Bachelor’s Degrees in English, Japanese, and Business English, Master of Arts degrees in Foreign Languages and Literature (covering Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, and Japanese Language and Literature),  and the Professional Master’s Degree for Translation and Interpreting (MTI, focusing on written translation).

The School currently has ninety-one faculty members, including seventy-nine full-time teachers, including six full professors, thirty-six associate professors, and thirty-seven lecturers. The main research interests include general and English linguistics, applied linguistics and first/second language acquisition, literature in English, Chinese and western civilization, translation and interpreting, business English, and Japanese studies.

It is well-equipped with modern teaching facilities, with twenty-four multimedia classrooms for language teaching and six web-based self-study laboratories for self-learning for undergraduate students of the whole university. For the School’s own use, there are six language labs, a conference interpreting studio, a computer-aided translation (CAT) lab, a multi-functional studio for e-course production and conferencing, and a multi-functional conference hall. The school library owns more than 30,000 volumes of books, and over 2,000 hours of audiovisual data, which are all open to students.

The School actively develops international cooperation and exchange programs. Its teachers hold degrees from or do research in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Norway, among others. It has signed cooperative agreements with several renowned universities in the UK and Japan, and has maintained long-term relations with many universities through exchange of teachers and students.

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