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Established in 1953, the School of Science of Beijing Forestry University (BFU) is originally known as the Department of Basic Science. In 2005, it was formally changed to the present name.

The School of Science has two bachelor programs and two master programs, there are pure and Applied Mathematics and Electronic and Information technology for the undergraduates, and Biophysics and Mathematics for the graduates. It has four branches, namely the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Physics and Electronics, Teaching and Research Section of Chemistry and the Admin Office as well as two experimental centers, Physics Experimental Center and Chemistry Experimental Center. Among 75 teaching are administrative staff, over 50% bears Professor or Associate Professor Title With rich teaching experience, many teachers won Baogang Outstanding Teacher Award, Huo Yingdong Outstanding Teacher Award, and Beijing Outstanding Teacher Award. Some of them won the First or Second Prize of Young Teachers’ Basic Teaching Skills Competition in Beijing and also took the First Prize of National Micro-class Competition among colleges and universities.

Its faculties have undertaken 137 courses or lessons in both undergraduate and graduate education, including 48 basic courses, such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, 65 specialized courses in Mathematics and Electronics, and 24 graduate courses. In Biophysics, it evolves into four fields, the Structure and Function of Biological Macromolecules, Physical Process of Plant Physiology, Light and Plant Physiology and Ecology, and Detection and Processing of Biological Information. In Mathematics, it develops four fields, namely the Basic Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics. In recent years, school has enjoyed about 8 million yuan scientific research funds and has taken more than 20 research projects sponsored by the government. Annually, dozens of  research papers have been published on SCI, EI and other core journals. With 13.45 million yuan total assets, the two experimental centers above covering over 3,000 square meters are fully equipped,with more than 2,000 instruments.

There are 457 undergraduate and graduate students in the school. Those who bear qualities of diligence and optimism have good performances in competitions at home and abroad, broaden their horizon and accumulate knowledge in various international academic activities, and play important roles in campus life.

With the target of developing BFU into an internationally-recognized, competitive, research-oriented university with distinctive academic features, both faculties and students of School of Science are striving and forging ahead and are ready for fostering talented people through steadily conducting teaching, scientific research, and other academic activities.

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