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College of Arts and Design
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Beijing Forestry University.College of Arts and Design take "green design " as the college idea. The college focuses on cultivating innovative ability and distinctive features of talent training. The college is composed of three old departments: art design of Materials Science and Technology College, industrial design of Technology College, animation design of Information Science & Technology College .

College of Arts and Design emphasizes expertise, distinctive features and innovative ability. The college has a design master’s degree authorized point, an animation master’s degree authorized point and an art design master’s degree authorized point. There are five undergraduate art majors: environment art design, product design, animation and digital media art. The college courses cover environmental art design and theory, product design, landscape and animation technology, decorative art and design and theory, decoration art design and theory, theory of art and design, etc. There are 754 undergraduates and 174 postgraduates now.

College of Arts and Design boasts a strong contingent of devoted, qualified and experienced teachers with a high academic level. There are totally 50 full-time teachers, of whom 5 are professors, 20 are associate professors, 7 are members of China Artists Association and 1 is the ministry of education design class teaching steering committee member.

College of Arts and Design has good teaching conditions and advanced experimental facilities. There are 7 laboratories for visual and print media, decoration craft, pottery and sculpture, CNC, art design, animation and photography. The college pays attention to the improvement of teaching quality and encouraging practice and innovation. Students win award in different levels of environmental design, visual communication design, animation and product design competitions.

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