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The School of Economics and Management
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The School of Economics and Management was established in 1987, evolved from the discipline of Forestry economics established in 1959. The school’s characteristic discipline-Forestry economics and management is the only one national key discipline in the field of forestry economics over the country. School of Economics and Management has a first-level doctoral program in agricultural economics and management, 3 second-level doctoral programs in forestry economics and management, agriculture economics and management, and forestry resources economics and environmental management respectively, and post-doctoral research station; Besides that, school also has been authorized to designate 7 first-level master’s degrees, 10 master degrees, and 5 professional master degrees. School also has 11 undergraduate programs, 1 undergraduate program for second bachelor’s degrees. Currently, School of Economics and Management is the largest school in disciplines and number of student in university, where the number of student of school has been more than 3300.

The School has 111 teachers, including 27 professors (21 doctorial tutors), 56 vice professors, 7 Distinguished Professors, 4 Liangxi Scholars. Among the teachers, one teacher served as discipline evaluation member of State council; 5 teachers enjoyed Special government allowances of the state council; 3 teachers was awarded “Baogang Excellent Teacher's Prize”; 1 teacher was awarded “teacher model of Beijing”; 3 teachers was nominate as “master teacher of Beijing”; and 1 teacher was award “excellent teacher of Beijing”.

Since 2010, school obtains more than 500 projects funding which amount to more than 500 million RMB, including 13 projects funded by Natural Science Foundation of China, 11 projects funded by national social science foundation (including 1 major project), 18 projects funded by Ministry of education of humanities and social science. 7 science and technology awards at the level of government minister or above was awarded and more than 60 scientific papers indexed by SCI or SSCI or EI have been published.

The School has advanced systems to ensure the quality of education, including national center of Virtual Simulate Experiment, Beijing teaching experimental demonstration center of economics and management. There are wild connections between the school of economics and management and renowned universities from dozens of countries, such as US, Canada, Germany, and Sweden. School launches the joint-master program with MSU (Michigan State University) and ANU (Australia National University) and takes charge of the Asian-pacific Network Graduate Programs for international students.

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