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College of Material Science and Technology
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College of Material Science and Technology (CMST) was founded in 2002 based on the majors of Wood Science &Technology and Chemical Processing Engineering of Forestry Products. CMST can be originally traced back to Department of Forestry and Industry in the College of Beijing Forestry which was founded in 1958.

CMST is a key college of “Project 211” and “985 Innovative Platforms for Key Disciplines Project”in Beijing Forestry University (BFU). CMST has one post-doctoral station, two doctorate programs, two Master programs as well as one professional master degree program.The college has five undergraduate majors including Wood Science and Engineering (Furniture Design and Manufacture), Chemical Processing of Forest Products (Pulping and Papermaking Engineering), and Package Engineering. Among them, Wood Science and Engineering and Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest products are national distinguished majors. Currently, CMST has 1050 undergraduates on campus,251 master students and 78 Ph.D. students.

The college has made impressive achievements ondiscipline construction. Wood Science and Technology becomes a national key second-level discipline. Forestry Engineering is a key first-level discipline of Beijing City, and Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products is a key discipline of Beijing City & SFA. Currently, CMST has 93faculties, including 26 professors, 27 associate professors.Among them, one professor is appointed as 973 Program Chief Scientist. There are also two winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,two distinguished professors of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, one candidate ofThousand Talents Program of Organization Department of CPC, and more than 20 faculties obtained the awards of other outstanding talents.

The college has undertaken nearly 100 key research programs such as National Basic Research Program of China(973Program),National High Technology Research and Development Program (863Program),National Science and Technology Pillar Program during the 12th Five-Year Plan, key international cooperation projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and Key Program of Forestry Industry Research Special Funds for Public Welfare Projects,etc. The total research funds exceeded 10 million CNY.Great achievements have been made in processing and utilization of wood materials, furniture design, chemical process of forest products and other fields.In the recent five years,the college patented 102 inventions. Over 20 research achievements were awarded the second prize of State Technological Invention Award, National S&T Progress Award, and the first prize of the Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education,etc.

The college is dedicated to the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements and provides scientific and technological services inwood drying, wood fire retardant and anticorrosion, wood biomass adhesive, wood  engineeringcomposites, thermal pyrolysisandutilization of oil made from tree residues, digital production of furniture, furniture creative design, biomass refinery, functionalbiomass and polymer materials, and new energy and chemicals, etc.In the past five years, CMST has provided application or technical service for more than 40 enterprises with a high reputation in the industries of wood processing and forest products processing in China.

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