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The College of Forestry
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As the oldest and most distinctive research college in Beijing Forestry University, the College of Forestry not only represents the tradition and prestige of the University with itsmost prominent faculty and the largest body of graduates, but also serves as a national core base for the academic training, scientific research and industry-university-research institute collaboration in forestry. Over the past six decades, theCollege has trained nearly ten thousand of forestry scientists and professionals. Among the most eminent alumni, eight academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of EngineeringincludingShen Guofang, Zhang Xinshi, Li Wenhua, Zhu Zhiti, Wang Tao, Xu Guanhua, Tang Shouzheng, and Yin Weilun, made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese forestry.

At present, the College has 126 full-time faculty and staff members,including 41professors, 34 associate professors and 30 assistant professors. Many of them hold top administrativepositions in various academic societies. 

The College offers six undergraduate majors or programsin the areas of forestry (forestry major, urban forestry program within forestry major, forest fire preventionprogram within forestry major, forest protection major), pratacultural science and geographic information system. In addition, the College runs Liang Xi Science Development Classfor qualified students majoring in forestry. Undergraduate training is facilitated by the Forestry Experimental and Teaching Center which occupies aspace of 1800m2. The College attaches great importance to undergraduate education and vigorously promotes research in undergraduate teaching. In recent years, the College has receiveda number ofteaching achievement awardsat both national and provincial/ministerial levels. Four faculty members have been honored as Beijing Teaching Masters, several faculty groups have been listed as national or provincial/ministerial level teaching teams, and four undergraduate courses have been recognized as nationalexquisite courses. 

The College began to recruit graduate studentsin the1950s, international undergraduate students in the 1960s and international graduate students in the 1990s. Since 1981, all key disciplines in forestry have one by another become the country’s first doctoral-degree granting disciplinesin their respective fields, and the nation’s first Ph.Din forestry was trained by the College. Currently, the College has one first-category national key discipline (forestry), three Beijing municipal key disciplines(ecology, pratacultural science, and soil science). Forestry, as afirst-category discipline, has been consecutively ranked number one among its national counterparts by the Ministry of Education. The College is also the hometo postdoctoral research stations of forestry, ecology and pratacultural science. Other affiliated research facilities include a key laboratory jointly supported by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Government, threekey open laboratoriesof the State Forestry Bureau, three Beijing key laboratories, a permanent forestryresearch station of the State Forestry Bureau and eight scientific research institutes. The College has long been committed to the main battlefield of forestry construction, and has taken the road of industry-university-research institute collaboration. During theperiod of "12th five-year plan", the College undertook nearly 400 projects of the national, provincial/ministerial or international cooperation levels, with a total budget of 163 million Chinese Yuan, and received the second-class prize of the national level scientific and technological progress award twice, the first-class provincial/ministerial level scientific and technological progress award four times, the second-class award 11 times, as well as 20 other various awards.

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