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The School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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       The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) has sucessfully cultivated a complete range of talents. Up till now, the School has two  undergraduate majors, namely Jurisprudence and Applied Psychology; one doctoralship, namely ecological civilisation construction and administration; one tier-one masterships, namely Philosophy, Psychology and Public Administration(PA); three tier-two masterships, namely Jurisprudence Principle and Master of Public Administration (MPA). In addition, the School undertakes the teaching courses of humanities for the whole university.

The school boasts an academically-proficient staff of teachers and scientific reseachers. Among the present 70-plus teachers, there are 10-plus professors and 40-plus associate professors. Some of them are nation-wide or Capital-wide renowned norm teachers, prestigious,respectiful and fruitful teachers; some of them are famous young talented academic reseachers; some of them are deeply-devoted and  gifted young researches, thus forming the basic characteristics of our school, ie, competent disciplinary background and complete knowledge structure. Up till now, several teachers have been selected as “One-Hundred-Theoretic-Talents-Project in the New Century of Beijing ”; and several teachers serve as presidents, secretaries-general, executive directors and directors of different acadimic organisations or associations at various levels of the coutry and Capital.

The School has aquired a series of important scientific fruits. Since its establishment, the staff of our School have compiled 300-plus kinds of academic books and textbooks. Our school is characterized by two research areas concerning Forestry History and Ecological Civilisation Construction. The very most symbolic research fruits are as follows: “The Chinese Grand Dictionary-Forestry Dictionary” which is a part of the State-Class Key Cultural Pulishing Project; “China’s Provincial Appraisal Report of Ecological Civilisation Construction”(ECI 2010-2015), which is annually published and universally-accepted as eco-civilisation greenbook; “China’s Development Report of Ecological Civilisation Construction-2014”, and etc. The National Bureau of Forestry of China has established the Reseach Center of Ecological Civilisation of Beijing Forestry University (BFU) in our school. Actually our school has become one of the most important platforms for academic research concerning ecological civilisation construction in China.


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