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School of Information Science and Technology
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School of Information Science and Technology of Beijing Forestry University was founded in 2001, which can be dated back to the Computing Center established in 1984 and the first domestic forestry information management major set up in 1985. School has several educational divisions such as Information Teaching and Research Office, Computer Software Teaching and Research Office, Digital Media Teaching and Research Office, Network Teaching and Research Office, Computer Experimental Teaching Center. Among them, Computer Experimental Teaching Center has been awarded as Beijing’s Demonstration Center for Computer Experimental Teaching. It has several laboratories including Software Complex Laboratory, Digital Media Technology Laboratory, Internet of Things Laboratory, Network Engineering Laboratory, and Public Computer Laboratory that faces to the entire university.

School at present has four undergraduate majors, which are Information Management and System, Computer Science and Technology, Digital Media Technology, and Network Engineering; and one professional direction, Internet of Things. School now has three Academic Master’s degree-granting qualifications for first class disciplines, which are Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, and Management Science and Engineering. Meanwhile, school has three Professional Master’s degree-granting qualifications, which are Software Engineering, Computer Technology, and Agricultural Informatization. Also, school has three discipline Laboratories, which are Forest Resources Monitoring and Evaluation Laboratory, Internet of Things inForestry Laboratory, and Forestry Virtual Reality Laboratory.

School has a strong group of 65 qualified teaching and administrative staffs, among which there are 48 full-time teachers. There are 10 professors including 9 doctoral supervisors, 20 associate professors, 18 lecturers, and 5 senior technicians. Among all teachers, there are 41 of them who have a doctorate, accounted for 85.4%; and 25 are young teachers under 40, taking up 52.08%.

For the past five years, school has undertaken more than 200 scientific researchprojects including Natural Science Foundation of China, National Science-Technology Support Plan, 863 Program, and National Ministries Key Scientific and Technological Research Project. There are almost 10,000,000 yuanscientific research funds that are currently in use, and over 200 academic papers and 20 textbooks have been published. School has 5 patents granted, over 200 software copyrights registered, and has taken charge of setting 2 industry standards, gaining profound research achievements.

School emphasizes on teaching researches and reforms. We have 5 textbooks rated as Beijing’s Excellent Textbook, and 1 awarded as National Excellent Textbook. Our teachers have been the editors-in-chief of 11 national projected textbooks. School has also won the Second Prize of Teaching Reform Achievement. Moreover, one of our teachers has won the honorary title of Master Teacher of Beijing Colleges and Universities.

In order to enhancestudents’practical ability and employmentcompetitiveness, school encourages students to take part in a wide rage of scientific researchprojects, academic activities, discipline and competitions through various incentive methods. As a result, our students have achieved the first prize in many competitions such as Innovative Entrepreneurship Training Project for University Students, ACM International University Students Programming Competition, National Software and Information Technology Professional Talents Competition, and Computer Application Contest for University Students of Five Provinces of North China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

Besides, our students’employment rate has always been the top among all schools. In recent years, we have an undergraduateemployment rate over 95%, winning the top 3 schools in student employment rate for several times. And our graduate students’employment rate has achieved 100% for many times. Moreover, students’employment is of high qualities, too. There are more proportion of students going to Baidu, Sohu, IBM, or financial central enterprises and state-owned enterprises incomputer communication after graduation every year.

So far, school has built a couple of teaching and scientific researchpractice bases on and out of campus, maintaining a close contact with enterprises. At the same time, school encourages students to take full advantage of geographical advantage around Zhongguancundevelopment zone and participate in academic and science and technology activities held by circumjacent universities and high-technology enterprises. School always aims at an integrated road connecting teaching and industry, which emphasizes on multidisciplinary association, solid foundation, and abundant practices, so that school can successfully teach and train professional information-based talents for various industries.

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